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Learn the Ropes on Digital Citizenship
  • Know Right from Wrong in the Digital World
  • Apply Ethics, Literacy & Safety for Life in a Digital World


Have you noticed?  It's a digital world out there. And without a doubt, many of us, students, educators and parents,
misuse and abuse technology. Do we not know right from wrong in the digital world? Do we not know the difference
between appropriate and inappropriate conduct of life in the digital world?

Welcome aboard! Prepare to hoist the sails, batten down the hatches and tie the knots. Learn the ropes to become a
Digital Citizen while surfing, gliding and rippling through the waters of the WWW. Test the winds and at the same time,
keep your eyes on the sails. Be diligent: avoid straying off course, and watch that your Digital Citizen-"ship" does not
keel over. Finally, in typical marine tradition, wishing you "clear horizons".

Wikispace is a Digital Citizenship Guide For Educators, Students and Parents

Mandate for Wikispace: Learn the Ropes
  • develop a plan to make digital citizenship a priority in schools
  • encourage staff and students to see its importance
  • provide resources, scenarios, weblinks on recognizing ethical and unethical technology behaviour
  • focus on the positive aspects of technology without over-emphasizing rules and regulations
  • investigate the evolutionary nature of citizenry in a digital world
  • explore the rights and responsibility of a digital citizen
  • reflect on the social participation in a digital world, the skills needed for a participatory culture

"Learn the ropes..."
  • to understand how to do a particular job or activity
  • to become familiar with something new: become skilled at a new task
  • to learn something new
Origin: A nautical term, from the days of sailing ships when new recruits had to learn how to tie knots
and which rope hauled up which sail. Also applicable in "teaching someone the ropes".

Source: Gerald Sargent Foster, Racing, 1934 @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/americanartmuseum/3266744075/

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Page Contents
There are six pages, including the homepage, to this wikispace:
572851244389502.jpg Define: Digital Citizen, Digital Citizenship, etc.
The concept of digital citizenship relates to the responsible, ethical and safe use of information technologies in both the local/global and digital/virtual
worlds. Everyone has an internal moral compass to guide our attitudes, behaviours and conduct in these communities, but many have various ways on
how to find and use it. Four big ideas encompassing digital citizenship are: ethics & responsibility; social implications; motivation & confidence; and

572851244389502.jpg Resources & Links for Educators

572851244389502.jpg Advice & Information for Parents
Children and teens have no fear when it comes to exploring digital technologies and cyberworld activities. They have lots more time to explore the
nooks and crannies of the virtual world. No doubt, they can leave you behind in embracing online activities and emerging technologies. But as a
parent, you are still the “life experiences" and “risk management” expert….and an effective parent-child partnership to address these concerns is essential.

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About this wikispace...
  • It was designed for a Technology Coach Project - Winter/Spring 2010-2011
  • It was produced under a time limit and as a "trial and error" learning experience
  • If you do, or have done a similar study, I would be interested in your findings
  • This "digital citizenship" wikispace will not be updated after June 2011.

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